Collectif Clothing 50s Paisley Swing Dress in Red at Audrey Cafe & Bistro Thong Lo Soi 11


Collectif Clothing 50s Paisley Swing Dress in Red
at Audrey Cafe & Bistro Thong Lo Soi 11

In Thailand, there is only one season “SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER”.
I’ve enjoyed wearing all kind of dresses in different season brings them to a cafe or restaurant with a nice interior. I want to share my first experience from TopVintageBoutique website. This website is the centre shop for Vintage brand around the world. I ordered Dress from Collectif brand 50s Paisley Swing Dress in Red. It cost €68.95 not include delivery cost total €93.90. Ordered date March 9, 2019 and received the package on March 28,2019. After received the dress, I didn’t have a chance to wear it until last week. I wore this red dress to Audrey’s Cafe&Bistro Thonglor 11.

The interior of this cafe is really lovely. The English-French vintage style interior makes this place a perfect or 50s vintage dress.

Dress swing really nice
This branch is a house type with 2 floors. One side of this cage has a big pretty window like this.


A lot of flower in white orange and yellow colour. Also has the table in the centre of this cafe with a lot of flower centrepiece.
This time we booked our meal by Hungryhub which combined a la carte as buffet al you can eat within 2 hrs
Crab Souffle served with Lobster Brandy Sauce 340.- THB
Fresh Onion Soup 220.- THB
Spaghetti Pesto Sauce with Salmon Steak 290.- THB
Spaghetti Cream of Shrimp Row 280.-THB
We also ordered drinks and desserts as well but forgot to took the photo.

We ordered a lot to meet the buffet price. However, it is too much for us cause one dish came with big potion as a la carte menu. In summary, this place is really good and fit well with the vintage dress but be careful about dress colour need to pick the strong colour as RED, DARK BLUE, or Black otherwise you will blend with all interior.

If you have the plan to visit Bangkok and want to come to Audrey cafe, please check more menu from here: or search for other branches (there are 8 branches around the city.